Finding a native Houstonian is rare, but finding two in the same family is amazing. Larry & Marilyn Martinez both grew up in Houston. It's rare to find a couple who live and work together and wouldn't have it any other way. Larry has been studying music since he was 9 years old. Both his father and grandfather were musicians and began teaching him early by the sight-reading and singing method. Early on Larry wanted to play piano like his dad, that is until he saw the movie Man With a Horn starring Kirk Douglas. Larry immediately decided he'd rather play the trumpet and began his career. His public performances began in elementary school where he'd play for the other children. Larry later attended Jeff Davis High School, the University of Houston, and Houston Baptist College. Marilyn studied piano as a child and always wanted to be a singer. She took singing lessons during her high school years and studied opera, but her desire was to be a pop singer. Larry and Marilyn met when she was a contestent in the Miss Houston pageant. Larry, upon finding out that Marilyn was participating in the pageant insisted she let his band back her up during her solo in the contest. Larry and his entire band climbed over into the orchestra pit and asked the regular musicians to move over so that they could play back up to Marilyn's solo. The combination was dynamic, Marilyn won and the duo began. Next for Marilyn was the Miss Texas contest, Larry couldn't decide whether he wanted her to win or not. If she won it would mean at least a year apart from each other. As it turned out, Marilyn was part of the top 10. Shortly thereafter Larry and Marilyn were married and went (literally) to the stage where he played trumpet while Marilyn made her debut as a professional singer, and they've been at it ever since. A short honeymoon and after their performance at the Marriott finished, they were off to Bermuda, the East Coast and Niagara Falls. Lots of fun but not to romantic being that the whole band was along for the ride. They have lived and worked in Houston for a great deal of their career loving their time with their audience and being together. Performing in many of Houston's finest hotels, night clubs and restaurants. Always working on their albums and original recordings, dreaming of the big hit album together. For Larry and Marilyn Martinez, love is being together.